Frequently Asked Questions


When will my pre-order ship to me?

All pre-orders will begin shipping on May 31, 2019 for our exclusive summer collection Summer Solstice. Once your payment is received, you will receive an email that your order was received and is being processed. Processing and shipping will begin on the date of launch for this collection only.

I live overseas, when will my order arrive?

With basic international shipping you will not receive a tracking number unfortunately. Once we release the order to USPS it is out of our hands if lost, stolen, or undelivered when going overseas. If you would like insurance or tracking number please message us at the time of checkout so we can send an invoice for the difference in cost of shipping.


How do I influence for Noire Lips?

We are always accpeting submissions through Instagram for influencers and promoters! If you are instered please follow and message us @noirelips on Instagram. If we are interested we will reach out to move forward.


When will the sold out items restock?

When our items go out of stock, we restock them two weeks later based on demand. If demand increases it will drop down to one week, if demand decreases it will increase to one month later or until multiple items sell out.


How do I feature my brand in Noire Magazine?

Noire Lips accepts submissions all year around. You can submit your blog posts, website, pictures, and more to magazine@noirelips. If you are approved we will email you regarding the next steps.


Are your products all natural as advertised?

Yes! We are 100% vegan. Our lip products do not contain any addiditives, preservatives, sulfates, or alcohol! We only use natural and non-toxic ingredients in our lip products. Noire Lips does not test on animals nor do we work with companies that do.

When will a new collection launch?

Noire Lips attempts to release a lip collection eery month based off of our customers feedback and current market trends.